Our mission is to build a network that allows freedom loving Americans to work together to safeguard and hand down our God given freedoms and liberties.

Our History

Like so many good ideas, the idea for FLAG (the Freedom Loving American Group) started amongst friends around a dinner table.  The conversation touched on a number of topics that we think are being discussed at dinner tables across the country every night.  Topics like today’s cancel culture, what’s going on in our children’s classrooms, election integrity, COVID and our health rights regarding vaccines, and a number of other issues. Like you, we shared a sense that the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy today may not be there for our children if we don’t commit ourselves to protecting them.  We also shared something else, a concern that we could make a difference. We spent a lot of time asking ourselves if we were the only ones who felt this way, and what specifically we could do? And then it hit us, something we could do is to develop the network that allows freedom loving Americans of all kinds to come together….to share ideas…to voice concerns, and work productively to safeguard, improve and hand down the liberties and freedoms that make America the envy of the world…..

Our Mission

FLAG is that network. That’s right, a network.  A group of interconnected people or things. And networks are very powerful… Now let’s talk about why it is different.  FLAG is not a social media site…FLAG is not about getting likes and followers. It’s about working together…taking action on issues and topics that concern you and gathering participation through the network to work with others to help let freedom ring… Want to get involved in local school board elections? You can do that on FLAG.  Want to sign and share a petition to safeguard Second Amendment rights in your state? You can do that on FLAG.  Do you want to support, fundraise, and help get out the vote for a local, state or Federal candidate that you like? Guess what, you can do that on FLAG.  Do you want to work locally or with someone across the country to help bring change to your child’s school curriculum…Yup, FLAG.   

So that’s FLAG.  Join it, invite others, participate, have fun, and let’s work together to maintain the freedom and liberty of our great nation.