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The Old Dominion state is the birthplace of Presidents (8), the home of Jamestown, and it’s where America won her independence with Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown.  Today, Virginia houses the nation’s largest naval base, is an internet data transit hub, and is home to world-class universities.  Unfortunately, Virginia is facing a number of contentious issues that FLAG members care about. Join other FLAG members in addressing these issues or raise other issues and rally FLAG members to support your efforts.

Important Virginia Topics

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Work with other concerned parents, students, and teachers to voice your concerns and influence policy and implementation decisions that reflect your values.

Virginia faces an important choice with local and national implications. Support Glenn Youngkin’s pro-jobs agenda and keep Terry McCauliff’s radical agendas out of Virginia.

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FLAG believes that Virginians are capable of making the right health choices for themselves and their families.  These choices include vaccines, healthy diets, exercise, therapeutics, and social distancing.

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Virginia’s crime rates are rising and radical influences want to defund the Police and implement dangerous policies that make our communities less safe. All while threatening our rights to self-protection guaranteed in the Constitution.